Rodney’s offers a diverse line of gourmet BBQ & Dippin’ sauces that will excite your taste buds.

But BE CAREFUL! These sauces may become addictive!!

All Natural, Gluten free with ingredients sourced from around the world. We know that quality ingredients made in small batches creates the best possible sauces, and that all it takes is a small taste to become addicted.

Rodney’s Sweet Pig manufactures our BBQ sauces and dips in small handcrafted “micro batches”, ensuring optimal flavor and quality in each and every bottle of sauce.

The size of our output can range from 80-400 gallons per batch, which helps significantly reduce processing to maintain our sauces as all natural and gluten free. This “micro batching” helps to serve the needs of our customers regardless of their size or needs.

Rodney’s Story:

Rodney Williams grew up on his grandparents’ farm in Giles Co., Va; in a small area called Newport. Most every Friday night when he was a teenager, his Dad (Happy Williams) would cook on the grill for several of our friends. Steak, chicken, ribs & pork chops were just a few of the items on the menu.

Rodney’s love for grilling began 60 years ago watching father and seeing the joy on the faces of all his friends, family, children, and customers. During the past 50 years Rodney has spent many hours testing and perfecting BBQ sauces, ribs & BBQ recipes using countless methods.
Some were:
Rodney Williams Sweet Pig BBQ Sauce founder2006-2010 opened Carol’s Restaurant

2012-2015 BBQ Chef Liberty University

2016 Launched Rodney’s BBQ and Dippin’ sauces

2017 Launched Rodney’s BBQ food trailer

Now I know that I have perfected some of the best Southern BBQ sauces and recipes you’al will ever taste!

People from all over the country repeat the same compliment to me all the time… “OMG, Rodney, you have THE best BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted!

 While his careers took him on many twists and turns throughout Virginia, one thing remained constant in his life: his love for grilling, and topping off his delectable creations with homemade BBQ sauces. As his social network expanded and with the urging of friends and patrons, He began making and bottling his sauces. Word of his amazing, mouth-watering sauces spread like wildfire. Whenever friends gathered for an evening of camaraderie, Rodney inevitably manned the grill. His secret sauces were revered. “Practically sacred. “ He perfected his own ambrosia with love, passion, secret herbs and spices.

Rodney is not intimidated by his age, nor by the number of competitors. He’s quick to remind any skeptics that Colonel Sanders was 65 when he unleashed his finger-licking good chicken on the market in the 1960s. Last year, the empire reported billions in revenue. Like Colonel Sanders, Rodney Williams is a disruptor. Both men crafted their own ambrosia with secret herbs and spices.

Ladies & Gentlemen, “I’m a BBQ chef, passionate, picky, and committed to excellence.”