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Mother’s Day = No Cook Day

In our humble opinion it is always a good idea to insist that Mother’s day be a No-Cook Day for Mom. In fact she should be free from all chores to enjoy her day!

Sure you could take her out for a meal at a noisy crowded restaurant…or…you can grill with love! (We obviously bring just a little bit of bias on this topic!)

We appreciate all the sacrifices that Mothers make throughout the year and want to send a very special wish to them, and a reminder to their families to celebrate them not only on Mother’s Day but also throughout the year!

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The wait is over!

That’s right you can now get Rodney’s Sweet Pig BBQ & Dippin’ Sauces throughout the USA!!!

We have now launched our e-commerce website to allow you to feed you need for that sweet pig sauce and to share it with those you care about.

Over the years Rodney has always heard from his customers in Virginia (especially those just visiting or who had to move away) that they wished they could get his sauce outside the area. That is now possible. Simply order online and we will ship to you anywhere in the continental United States.

We are starting out with our most popular 6 sauces, please let us know which other flavors you want added or stories and recipes you use to enjoy Rodney’s Sweet Pig BBQ!